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Precise Felling Services in Mocksville, NC

At Canopy Tree Service, we provide precision felling services to Mocksville, NC, and other areas in Davie County. Our professional team has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle any job, big or small.

We Specialize in Precision Felling

Precision felling is our specialty at Canopy Tree Service. Our affordable tree removal, precision felling, and hazardous removal services are among the best in the tree service business. Our years of dedicated research, training, and experience give us the knowledge to safely bring down massive trees even if they’re located in very tight places. As ISA-certified arborists and climbers, we combine the use of pulling, wedging, jacking, and precision cuts, along with a variety of mechanical advantage pulling systems, to drop even severely leaning trees into a precise area safely and efficiently.

What Is Precision Felling?

We specialize in expert tree felling and tree removal, and we’re committed to working quickly and safely to protect your home and other structures. Precision felling is cutting in such a way that we’re able to affect how the tree falls and where the tree lands. Trees that are very close to structures or property are good candidates for precision felling. We can drop a tree and clean it up in half the time it would take other companies to cut a tree from the top down in pieces. Bottom line: our precision felling services save you money!

Man with Chainsaw Cutting the Tree

Leave It to the Experts

Tree work is dangerous under the best of circumstances, but when it comes to precision tree felling, the danger is magnified 10 fold. You should never attempt this yourself unless you are an experienced professional. We can provide you with the experience and knowledge to safely remove your trees. We have comprehensive insurance coverage to give you peace of mind in this situation.

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If you believe your property is in need of precision felling services, let Canopy Tree Service help. Give us a call now for a free estimate on the services you need.